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Uptake of talent tech in Africa

Article published in HR Pulse October 2015.

Businesses across Africa are starting to focus on the selection, development and retention of skilled employees in the light of increasing competition for skilled resources across the continent. Talent management technologies are not only automating the talent process but also driving talent management practices to support business operations. Talent management is becoming a competitive advantage which is enabled through new technologies available to business.

The growth in African economies and demand for highly skilled employees are driving the demand for talent management technology across the continent. We recently launched Piilo Talent software and already seen demand in countries such as Botswana, Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda. The demand and interest is driven by the need for African corporates and government institutions to manage and grow their talent in the face of strong competition for skilled resources. The expat model is not always available or a sustainable solution for local businesses which necessitate a focused approach on developing local skills for sustainable economic growth.

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